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Nei Kung

Nei Kung is an internal system of Chi Kung, employing slow, deep breathing and requiring a relaxed physical stance and mental attitude. (The external approach to cultivating chi is characterized by heavy breathing and rapid diaphragmatic exercises.)
Nei Kung practice charges up the body's energy.
The effects in the initial Workshop are dramatic, and the profound extent of the training often becomes apparent as early as the first two weeks of regular practice.

Nei Kung has been refined, and handed down from Master to Master since the time of Yellow Emperor (2696--2598 b.c.e.). It evolved from the Taoists' search for a way to rejuvenate and heal the body, to increase internal strength and energy.

There is a saying in China that if you pursue the Ch'uan (fighting technqiue) without practicing (Nei) Kung, when you reach old age you will not have anything to show for your efforts. Great importance is traditionally placed on the study of Nei Kung in conjunction with Tai Chi Chuan. In order to attain a high level of ability in Tai Chi, one must know and practice Nei Kung diligently.

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