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Tai chi is described in many different ways.
Some say its a martial art, others say it is only for health, many call it 'the art of creating energy' and some refer to it as 'meditation in motion'.

Some people claim it is a physical manifestation of a philosophy called Taoism, and others describe it as a continious flow of 'Chi Kung' or breathing exercises.

It has been likened to low impact aerobics, yet others testify that it is a way of life, and even claim that it is a way to achieve spiritual enlightement.

I say it is all of these.

Tai chi is designed to affect a person on any level one allows it to.
It physically strengthens the body while encouraging flexibility and ease of movement.
It is designed to increase internal energy of 'chi' flow within the body thereby increasing vitality.

It will clean, relax and focus the mind, promoting creativity, sensitivity and optimism.
It gives balance, emotionally, and guide one spiritually.

But the best thing about Tai Chi is that anyone can do it.
Het mooiste van Tai Chi is dat iedereen het kan beoefenen.

You do not have to be a fine physical specimen, nor do you have to be a mental giant.
You just have to have a desire to be physically and/or mentally healthy.

You must value feeling good and you must believe that Tai Chi can work.
Belief comes from understanding: the lessons will give you the tools to learn and practice Tai Chi, and explain what Tai Chi is.

Tai Chi Chuan is Gezondheid, Meditatie in beweging, Taoistische filosofie gemanifesteerd in vloeiende beweging en geweldloze zelfverdediging, Chi Kung, Ademhalingsoefening,lage impact aerobic oefening, een levenswijze,een methode om spiritueel bewustzijn te ontwikkelen, een methode om de oorzaken van alle zwakheden/problemen/onbalans in jezelf te kunnen 'voelen' en vervolgens te verwijderen zodat het persoonlijke leven weer haar natuurlijke voorwaartse beweging kan maken.
Tai Chi is GEEN methode om alle onbalansen/zwakheden in jezelf te 'verdoven' door over-ontspanning om zodoende ermee om te kunnen gaan.

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