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Yang Tai Chi Chuan begint met eenvoudige en effectieve ontspanningsoefeningen om de lichaamshouding te corrigeren, om het denken weer neutraal te krijgen zodat emoties en lichaam ontspannen.

De leerling ontwikkelt en leert in eigen tempo , naar eigen behoefte.

Mocht je interesse hebben om het wonderlijke tai chi traject in te willen gaan, je kan altijd vrijblijvend een mailtje sturen naar:

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Yang style tai chi school starts with a smile and basic movements that are very easy to learn and are an enjoyment to do.
From the first lesson you will experience the magic and beauty of tai chi bringing you health and remove tension and stress.

After basic training you will learn more advanced tai chi, bringing you more internal strength and power with more variations of movement whereby the brain is more trained in making new connections and therefore can function much more efficient and effective to solve problems and stress related items.

Tai chi chuan can give you a wide variety of tai chi forms that will suit you as individual practitioner.
Everyone is different in needs and wants.

Are you interested in learning tai chi with private lessons under guidance of an experienced tai chi teacher in english language ?

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