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In 1979 ben ik begonnen met Tai Chi onder leiding van Tjiauw Gie Ouw.
Vanwege mijn familie relatie met hem heb ik onder zijn bezielende leiding jarenlang prive-les gehad in zijn woning, een inspirerende tijd die mijn tai chi enorm heeft beinvloed tot een manier van leven.

In de tussentijd werkzaam als beroepsbrandweerman (Lets opleiding) bij de Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Vliegbasis Gilze Rijen, Munitiekamp Alphen) met als specialisatie vliegtuigbranden.

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In 1979 I started Tai chi under guidance of my teacher Tjiauw Gie Ouw.
Because of our family relation I received his teachings in his home on private level.
I learned Yang tai chi long form, simplified form, fast form, chi kung, relaxation/breathing exercises ,weapon form (heavy pole, saber, short sticks), fan form, pushing sticking hands, self defence in a period for more than 10 years.
In the meantime I worked as professional fireman in the airforce , (airbase Gilze-Rijen)
All above forms I learned can be performed in 2 ways; one for big space and one for small space which is very convenient to practice at home.

My dear mother introduced me to tai chi master Tjiauw Gie (Auke) Ouw.

Tjiauw Gie Ouw (Inoue Yoshiteru):
"Born as warchild in Bandoeng, Nederlands Oost Indie, my biological parents left me behind in Indonesia with a chinese medical doctor Tan Ping Ie, who gave me to his nephew Ouw T.S., So I got the family name Ouw (Hu).

Language I use frequently, is Sundanese, German, Dutch, Frisian my mothers language, Indonesian, some Cantonese, some Japanese my fathers language.

Inoue Yoshi
This is my name for now
Yoshi is my name
Inoue is a borrowed family name from a friend of my Japanese daddy.

Given away / left behind in Indonesia with a chinese family, I certainly got a chinese name, in fujian/hokkien dialect written t Tjiauw Gie en pronounced in japanese Teruyoshi.

In mandarin Chinese (guoyu it is written Hu Zhaoyi) also listened to the name Ougi, Ougie, August, Augie.

In 1970. I married my late wife Ruby, she passed away in 2003.
In 2008 I married Mimi up till now."

Tjiauw Gie (Auke) Ouw en Mimi.

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