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Quotes From The Masters

"Real Tai Chi Chuan when looked at appears very simple. All of the gong fu, however, is on the inside. The inside is trained so that it will affect the outside. Change occurs from the inside out." Koh Ah Tee (1996) [ii]

"In real Tai Chi Chuan you receive; you don't go out looking." Koh Ah Tee (1996)

"The dantien is where the chi finds its root - the yongquan is where the body finds its root." Koh Ah Tee (1996)

"Tai Chi Chuan, the great ultimate, strengthens the weak, raises the sick, invigorates the debilitated, and encourages the timid" Cheng Man Ching (1947) [iii]

"Soft sinews are a special characteristic of the infant. If people who are not far from death (old people [iv]) are to have any hope of returning to youthfulness, it is only through concentrating on the chi and becoming soft." Cheng Man Ching (1947)

"Use the mind to direct the chi and the chi to mobilise the body." Cheng Man Ching (1947)

"The issuing energy starts in the root travels through the ankle, up to the knee, turned by the waist and manifested through the fingers. Cheng Man Ching (1947)

"Sink the chi raise ching shen (spirit). The classics state that the head must feel that it is suspended from the ceiling by a fine silk thread," Cheng Man Ching (1947)

"All must stay connected; if one part of the body moves all parts must move. If one part of the body is still all parts must be still." Cheng Man Ching (1947)

"Stay sung (relax). When practicing the form you must keep relaxed. In time you will find that it will become part of your physical and mental state." Cheng Man Ching (1947)NCE

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