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Chan si jin or silk reeling energyExercise



Basically, there are two kinds of reeling silk techniques, namely "Shun Chan Si" ("natural reeling silk") and "Ni Chan Si" ("reverse reeling silk").

In the T'ai Chi diagrams, the solid lines represent the Shun Chan Si, or natural reeling silk, and the dotted lines represent the Ni Chan Si, or reverse reeling silk.

Most of the Shun Chan Si, or natural reeling silk, belong to a kind of "Peng Jin," ward-off energy, which is used to ward off an attack. Most of the Ni Chan Si, or reverse reeling silk, belong to a kind of "Lu Jin," roll-back energy, which is used to neutralize an oncoming force.

The Shun Chan Si requires the palm gradually turning upward, rotating from the inside to the outside. The Ni Chan Si requires the palm gradually turning downward, rotating from the outside to the inside.

The practice of silk reeling energy should start from point 1, pass through the points 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in their given order, and finally return to point 1, and then start another cycle.

Repeat the exercise until you feel tired.


Important Points

1. Use your waist to direct the movements of your hand-arm never letting your hand-arm move by itself.

2. Your hand should trace diagram precisely. Do not allow your hand to travel inside or outside of the curved line of the diagram.

Any of these defects disrupt the proper movement weakening the ward-off and roll-back energy and decrease the effects of practice.

I recommend printing the enlarged view of the right and left single images on white paper and getting them enlarged at a copy store. The local Kinko's enlarged them on a 24 inch wide paper for about $2.00 each. Then you can paste or tack them on cardboard. Place the cardboard on the floor or ground in front of you or on a wall at about the height of your chest. Do they look pretty? Not really but it shows you the correct positions of the hands.

Single-Hand Training

When using the right hand to do the practice you should start with the right foot forward in a bow stance.

Right hand diagram

Then change to the left foot in front. When using the left hand start with the left foot forward in a bow stance and change to the right foot.

Left hand diagram


Let the other hand hang down naturally or rest it on the side of your waist.

Double-Hand Training

Start by standing erect with both feet parallel and about shoulder-width apart keeping your knees slightly bent and your body relaxed.


Round the crotch during this practice. This helps the silk reeling energy develop in the legs.

Circle both diagrams at the same time using the same speed with each hand.

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